Coffee For Mom Overweight For Baby?

Coffee For Mom Overweight For Baby?

The high caffeine intake of expectant mothers is associated with greater weight in children.

prospective Norwegian study of more than 50,000 pregnant women found a link between caffeine consumption during pregnancy and the weight of children thereafter.

The study

After collecting the data needed for statistical assessments and adjustments, the researchers found that mothers’ coffee consumption was linearly associated with the overweight of children.

Compared with the group of women who consumed little caffeine (less than 50 mg / d, 46% of the cohort), the risk of being overweight was:

  • +15% for average consumption (50-199 mg / d, 44% of the cohort)
  • +30% for high consumption (200-299 mg / d, 7% of the cohort)
  • +66% for very high consumption (more than 300 mg / day, 3% of the cohort)

The higher the caffeine consumption, the more the overweight remained in childhood.

However, this observational study does not allow us to conclude that there is a causal link, especially since the estimates of caffeine levels consumed come from different products (coffee, tea, soda, etc.). One should also be cautious about the percentages of the last two groups: a group with many fewer participants than the others, often giving potentially extreme and therefore less representative statistical values.

This study is nevertheless the first to identify a link between caffeine consumption during pregnancy and overweight in children.

In practice

For the time being, there is not enough evidence to advise against pregnant women’s caffeine intake, since it is already recommended to reduce caffeine intake when waiting for a baby.

Note that a deleterious diet (from mom to dad, and even great-grandparents …), the consumption of “light” drinks, and a large initial weight (and too much weight taken during pregnancy) are also associated with risks of overweight in the future child.