Cohen Diet and Its Imposed Menus

Cohen Diet and Its Imposed Menus

The Cohen diet seems to allow us to eat everything, without forbidding what we love. Is this not what we propose? In fact, the ways to achieve this are radically different. Explanation.

The Cohen Diet and Its Imposed Menus

Cohen diet; Balanced but strict

Dr. Jean-Michel Cohen, the originator of the eponymous regime, made himself famous by simply defending healthy eating and criticizing the so-called miracle recipes of diets that exclude food, cachets and supposed powders To lose weight. He developed a method that favors a balanced diet and coaching the person, so that the diet is not carried out alone.

In concrete terms, the Cohen regime offers everyone a kind of nutrition pedagogy. The Cohen diet offers a bank of recipes showing the calories each time, offers a list of products to buy, to simplify the supermarket experience in diet time. By picking in these proposals according to his tastes and desires, one is supposed to lose weight reasonably every month and get used to a balanced, sustainable diet.

According to these principles, Cohen proposes three diets for a more or less rapid weight loss: the most drastic imposing 600 kilocalories per day, the fast diet at 900 calories and the most comfortable at 1,400 kilocalories per day. All food is allowed, but in quota amounts. There are still prohibitions: sweet drinks and alcohol. The Cohen regime is based on online questionnaires and a blog where you can find out what you ate . The goal is finally to regain a diet that seems common sense, with balanced plates.

Lose weight permanently by eating what you like?

The method has a number of similarities: again, with the help of our coaches, it is a matter of regaining a diet centered on pleasure, without frustration. But here, there is no diet, no diet plan, no Caloric calculation, because if these are often well supported in the short term, they become more and more constraining as time passes, and guilty when it ends up cracking. It is your own dietary sensations of hunger and satiety that drive your diet, and your appetites that drive your food choices. This intuitive diet leads to eating without frustration and also without overflow.

We want to give you the pleasure of tasting, so that every bite is appreciated at its true value. We also want you not to eat under your emotions and we offer you a work on it if that is your case. You lose your extra pounds, and leave your problems behind you.


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