Drink some water to lose weight

Drink some water to lose weight

Drink some water to lose weight, it does really work? We will try to answer this question by focusing on a study performed in the United States of America.

Drink some water to lose weight

A study on this subject was recently led by researchers of the Virginia University in the United States of America.


It was led on two groups of women, all are following an identical diet, and thus are losing weight:

  • The women of the first group drank some water from time to time, when they were thirsty (it is what make most of people);
  • The women of the second group drank at least two liters of water per day (relatively a big quantity of water, even when they were not especially thirsty). Concretely, they consumed two glasses of water before every meal, three times per day.

Results and Discussion

At the end of 12 weeks, the group who had consumed more water had lost on average 2,3 kilograms more than the group who had drunk some water with moderation.

The first thing to understand, when we are interested in the water effects on the weight loss, is that the signal that our body sends to our brain when we are thirsty is the same that it sends when we are hungry.

In other words, when you feel the hunger, you can’t be hungry but only be thirsty.

It is the reason why you have to drink water regularly during the day, not just be hungry when you have only thirst.


Concretely, when you begin to be hungry, instead of your throwing on the food, drink some water.

The water also allows to reduce the hunger when we are really hungry. Because it fills us the stomach, and with this fact it reduced partially our urge to eat.