Endurance and Weight Training For Anti-Obesity Formula!

Endurance and Weight Training For Anti-Obesity Formula!

As you know, obesity is a disease that is characterized by the large accumulation of body fat.This surplus of adipose stocks is one of the risk factors for the development of diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. A sports activity combining endurance and weight training has positive effects to fight obesity, favoring a better body composition and preserving cardiovascular health.

Endurance and Weight Training For Anti-Obesity Formula

Consequences of obesity

The overweight favors the appearance of many health problems. Risks are proportional to BMI. The higher it is, the more the person is at risk of chronic diseases.
Cardiovascular disease is one of these risks and can lead to heart attacks or strokes. Diabetes is also on the list. This insulin resistance is becoming more widespread and is responsible for an increasing number of deaths worldwide. Obesity can also lead to osteoarthritis and other musculoskeletal disorders. It can also promote the development of cancers and, in the severe obesity stage, there is the appearance of sleep apnea.

In adolescents, obesity can lead to endocrine disorders and early puberty. To improve this, the practice of a sport of endurance and bodybuilding seems to bear fruit, even better than endurance alone!

Study on obese adolescents

A study in 2013 focused on the effect of weight training and endurance training on cardio activity alone. Observations were made on the markers of bone health and those of inflammatory mechanisms. The study lasted one year and the number of adolescent candidates suffering from obesity was 53. All were aged 14 and 18 years. Of the original 53, 42 remained until the end of the study. They were divided into two groups.

In the first group, only 3 sessions of 60 minutes of endurance were performed weekly. Generally, the exercise took place on a treadmill. The intensity was average.

The second group performed 30 minutes of endurance, similar to that of Group 1 and 30 minutes of weight training. The teenagers had to practice a sets of 6 exercises covering the entirety of the muscles of their bodies. Each exercise consisted of 3 sets and each week there were different loads so as to perform a maximum of 15 to 20 repetitions, 10 to 12 repetitions, or 6 to 8 repetitions.

At the beginning and end of the year of study, adolescents underwent various tests to control the changes caused by training on their bodies. The weight, size, fat content, bone density and bone composition, but also the insulin resistance index and pro and anti-inflammatory markers were measured.

Results of the study

In both groups, workouts led to positive results on adolescent fat loss. On the other hand, only teenagers practicing bodybuilding and endurance have gained lean mass and bone density. Strengthening bone density seems to have enabled the skeletal stress to be maintained, even though the total weight of the teenagers decreased.

In addition, both groups benefited from a decrease in insulin resistance. However, only the combination of bodybuilding and endurance had increased anti-inflammatory markers as their pro-inflammatory markers decreased. This phenomenon favors the construction of the bones while protecting the existing bone mass.


While previous studies have shown that a program to lose weight has a negative impact on the bone density of obese people, it seems that training based on endurance and additional bodybuilding activity would have benefits.

Endurance combined with bodybuilding reduces fat mass but not only. This type of training also increases bone density and reduces inflammatory markers. This would be the type of program to focus on to maintain certain health parameters while losing weight. The weight training demonstrates once again its usefulness in the framework of health!

It also seems interesting to note that obese people seem to have the ability to build muscle while losing fat, which is not the case for practitioners who are not overweight and struggle to preserve their integrity Muscle by following a hypocaloric diet. For obese people, practicing weight training by following a diet, is therefore a perfect opportunity to build a more resistant physique.