How To Have A Flat Belly For Men: Our Tips And Exercises

How To Have A Flat Belly For Men: Our Tips And Exercises

Having a small belly when one is a man is not uncommon. Good food, sugary drinks, alcohol, lack of exercise … All this compiled data would make any man swell. But then, how to lose belly when you are a man? Here are some tips for getting started.

flat belly for men

Changing lifestyle to lose your belly

The overweight, and especially the small pounds accumulated around the waist, are in the man the sign of a hygiene of life a little too random. You like to eat, you like to party, you like to have a drink on a friendly mode. And that’s normal. That, in itself, is not a problem. But after eating without worrying about your level of hunger and satiety, it would be normal for you to watch the return of hunger, that you wait for the appetite to come back before you change.

But, if you are not listening to your food sensations, if you are eating permanently in a convivial way, or if you go from excess in excess to loneliness, then you eat well beyond your Needs, you grow and for genetic reasons, this obesity fits in your abdomen. Losing your abdominal fat whether you are a man or a woman, requires a long-term job. The abdominal fat is often tenacious , and neglect helps, it is quickly resumed. If you are overweight and this weight is spread over your entire body, our advice will allow you to lose belly but also to refine other areas of your body.

Lose your man’s belly by eating better

To lose belly, you must first find a diet that suits your desires, in the quantities that your body asks for. As you can see, such a formulation differs from the usual discourse on “healthy and balanced” diet, which is rapidly drifting. First of all, you have to take the time to listen to your body so that you can recognize its needs. You must learn to recognize hunger, as well as satiation. You should also be able to dedicabilize all foods, especially those in the “fatty and sweet” series that you are so long that you should not eat them, and that you end up cracking regularly and outrageously.

The important thing is to learn to eat these foods, which are among the most tasty, guilt-free, with pleasure, but within the limits of your appetite. When you have integrated that you will be able to change them when hunger and envy will be enough, then to leave it on your plate will not pose to you of problem. This is what we propose to you; Hunger, sometimes lost due to lack of attention or because we fill a void by eating, trying to calm our emotions, and to recognize satiety, to stop eating when we More hungry and so, eat less. This step, which can take a few days to a few weeks will allow you to reconnect with your nutritional needs and will cause you to lose excess weight and belly.

Sports: the best way to lose belly fat

Establish a sports program to boost your unsightly belly. Exercises to muscle the stomach, or more exactly the abdominal belt, are numerous on the internet. You will find multiple tutorials, fact sheets and explanatory photographs. Be wary however of those who will mostly propose to work your abs but will forget to spare your back and to make you work all the muscles, neglecting for example the transverse muscles.

So establish a sports program to refine your abdomen. We propose, in parallel of the food program, a course form in free sessions of 20 mn, requiring no particular material. These exercises classified by level of difficulty allow you to resume a physical activity little by little, according to your progress. You can go further with walking, jump rope, or any other exercise that will suit you.

A state of mind to adopt

The small belly of man is in front of the biggest women magazines. It seems that the “Dad Bod”, this little belly adopted over the years by our actors and our favorite singers become dads is now sexy. A belly that seems to say “oh yes, I have a hectic life, children and less time than before to go to the gym” and that actually cracked more than one. So, certainly, watch your lifestyle, get up to the sport but do not forget to enjoy yourself as you are.