Foods That Slim Down For Real

Foods That Slim Down For Real

In addition to healthy eating and regular physical activity, some fruits and vegetables are a significant boost to a diet. They boost your metabolism and stop your cravings, in short no reason to deprive yourself of it. On the other hand, they are also not magical, if you crack on a whole tablet of chocolate, they will not repair all the damage.

Foods That Slim Down For Real

1- The sweet pepper

Spicy meals stimulate your metabolism and increase your calorie intake. In short, you burn calories without doing anything! In addition, the pepper reduces the feeling of hunger, In brief that of the bonus. Be careful not to abuse it each meal (you risk a few heartburn).

2- Green Tea

The theanine increases the digestive system and pushes your body to burn more calories at rest. As for the tannins, they decrease the assimilation of the fats by the organism. Besides the antioxidant powers of green tea protect your skin from aging. But it is necessary to drink a lot to perceive the effects and attention to the troubles of the sleep!

3- The apple

The apple is THE natural appetite suppressant par excellence. Very rich in pectin, it has an immediate satiating action ideal as part of a diet. According to a study conducted by the University of Rio de Janeiro, the women crunching 3 apples per day would be able to lose weight more easily than those who would not eat it. Now you know what you are going to carry in your bag to taste it … And do not forget to consume it bio to benefit from its virtues.

4- Agar-agar

What if you go to agar-agar? The agar-agar an alga, is a gelling agent 100% natural. Algae are also a very important source of fiber, and thus facilitate intestinal transit. Agar-agar as a gelling agent also helps to give consistency without any caloric intake. It only remains to learn how to prepare it, in powder and hot!

5- Oat bran

Very rich in fiber and pectin, the oat bran promotes satiety by releasing its carbohydrates slowly, and facilitates the elimination of fats by the body. You can sprinkle on salads, raw vegetables, gratins or mix it with yoghurt to perfume.

6- Pineapple

Pineapple is known for its diuretic action, but not only. Above all, do not remove by the stem: it contains bromelain, a miracle enzyme that accelerates the assimilation of proteins. In addition, it facilitates digestion and decreases water retention. What a bonus! But be careful though because pineapple is a sweet fruit, with a high glycemic index, so to consume in moderation.

7- The celery

Low calorie, celery is a slimming ally essential, rave in winter or green. Rich in fiber, it has diuretic properties that not only facilitate the elimination of toxins in the body but also helps to fight against water retention. In puree, soup or grated, in branches to chew, to with what sauce will you eat it?

8- Cinnamon

Stick, ground or with a few drops of essential oil, you can let go (not on essential oil!). Not only does the consumption of cinnamon accelerate the metabolism, but recent scientific studies have highlighted that it helps to lower the level of sugar in the blood. In addition, you can use it to flavor your yogurts and teas, as in the oriental salty cooking, a true delight!