How To Lose Hips?

How To Lose Hips?

What to do to slim down at the coxal level? How many times have you heard a friend or acquaintance say something like, “If only I could slim down quickly at the hips.” Various surveys often reveal that the majority of women surveyed say they have multiple negative thoughts about their bodies every day. Some women even say they think more than 30 times per day.

How To Lose Hips

The hip is a joint that joins your thigh to your pelvis by involving two bones (iliac and femur). For many people (especially women) this area can really be a problem. This place usually contains more fat cells than in others, especially in women, which is why there are as many people who want to lose a few centimeters in this area.

Lipoprotein lipase is an enzyme responsible for the storage of fat. It turns out that women have a greater amount of this enzyme in their coxal zone (as well as in their thighs and in their buttocks), and that men contain more in the lower abdomen. By the age of 25, a woman tends to have a fat mass in her body twice that of a man (of the same age).

It is useful to remember that targeting a specific area in order to lose weight is impossible. On the other hand, it is possible to do various things in order to improve the appearance of any body location, such as taking a healthy diet (or slimming diet) AND doing more exercises that have a great impact on the Subcutaneous fat in order to target and tone the target area .

Indeed, to reduce the coxal measurement of several centimeters is possible by decreasing the overall weight of your body. Because you can not tame specific points of the body, you must lose the overall fat mass, which will cause a fat reduction at the coxal level.

We offer to follow these 4 steps to lose hips in no time:

1) Adjust your diet and reduce your caloric intake

By losing weight throughout the body, you will also lose fat in the coxal area (and at the same time in your thighs, belly, arms, face, etc.).

Your diet should incorporate fruits, vegetables, meats / fish / poultry, dairy products, bread / rice / pasta, and fat. These are the basic food groups, and you need to make sure that you integrate these food families into your diet.

To lose fat throughout your body, you should consume an equal amount of lean protein and complex carbohydrates (whole grains for example). Be sure to eat fruits and vegetables every day. These are rich in fiber and will help your weight loss.

Try to avoid processed / industrial foods. The more you eat foods close to their natural and original state, the better you will get. Fresh fruits and vegetables are much better than those that are consumed canned. Fresh meat is better than cold cuts, for example.

Overall, reduce your caloric intake. To lose 1 kilogram of fat, you must burn about 8,000 calories more than what you are consuming. Use our calculator to determine how many calories you should consume in order to lose weight.

2) Be more active

If you are looking to slim down hips, it is important to do some exercises, otherwise your plan will not work. Make an effort to sit down less and move more. Spending more time sitting than sleeping, and more time standing up than sitting down (over a small interval of time) will increase your metabolism. You will also have to move your body more.

Train your whole body. If you want to slim down hips, you can make your cox and gluteus muscles work. Your muscles will have to work in your entire body if you aspire to slim down. Sweat your arms and abdominal muscles, as well as your legs.

You can do exercises that isolate the muscles, such as pumps and biceps flexions, or exercises that work your whole body at the same time (like swimming). The amount of exercises you do should be proportional to the amount of calories you consume. In order to lose weight, you must burn more calories than you ingest.

Incorporate at least 30 minutes of cardio training (if possible at high intensity) into your day. This includes walking, jogging, swimming, roller skating or practicing your favorite sport. Anything that helps increase your heart rate for at least 30 minutes will help you burn calories and lose body fat. Aerobics helps a lot to strengthen the muscles and to resculpt your silhouette.

Do exercises that target the areas of the kidneys and thighs. According to various sports coaching experts, following a training program that includes 5 days of cardio activity, and doing exercises that make the upper butt area work 3 days a week is the most effective method to firm up the hips in No time.

3) Modify your food intake and workout program to accommodate weight changes

When you start to lose weight, you may need to eat even less, and do even more sports in order to get rid of the last superfluous pounds.

If your body gets used to your new diet and workout routine, your weight loss will stop (you reach a landing, which will need to break) . If you have not yet reached your goal, make some adjustments. You might need to do this at the beginning in order to start losing weight if you do not lose at least 0.5 kilogram after a week.

Replace sweetened drinks with water or herbal teas. Not only will water hydrate you during workouts, but it will also chase unwanted toxins from the body, and will help your digestive system to function properly. All this is important in the context of weight loss.

4) Stay regular

Regularity is important in weight loss. If you only eat healthily from time to time, or if you do sport only here and there, you will not see results. Eating in a balanced way for a day or two then overfeeding you without exercising for 4 days will not allow you to lose hips quickly.


Do not forget that it is not enough to eat healthy in order to melt the fat in this area, it is also necessary to do the appropriate exercises in order to target the muscles of this region of the body and to firm them up.