How to Lose Weight After a Pregnancy?

How to Lose Weight After a Pregnancy?

Baby has finally arrived! Attentive to your happiness and that of the baby, you may have gained a little too much weight during your pregnancy and your silhouette has difficulty to regain its forms. How to Lose Weight After a Pregnancy?
Lose Weight After a Pregnancy

A few months ago, a pretty little girl came to Chloe and Thomas. Everything to the joy of waiting for a child, Chloe has let go a little. Between sudden cravings, uncontrollable cravings, changes in eating habits and decreased physical activity, the extra pounds endure.

Shedding all her emotions, she would like to lose weight but after months of food sedation and sedentary lifestyle, she does not know how to go about it. Moving is more difficult, and with the baby, she has much less time to take care of her diet and to run twice a week, as before. So how to lose weight after a pregnancy? Here are some explanations.

Weight gain during pregnancy

It is normal to gain weight during pregnancy: an intake of about 8 to 12 kg is normal without excessive overweight. In this order of magnitude, few superfluous kilos resist after childbirth and possible breastfeeding. But this approximation remains very relative, and depends on each. Some women take more weight than the average recommended and manage to regain the line very quickly, while others, who will not take many pounds more, will find it harder to lose them.

This difference depends mainly on the way of life before, during and after pregnancy. Pretty thin and without overweight before pregnancy, you will find your shape more easily after delivery, by finding your good habits. If you already have extra pounds before your pregnancy, take advantage of these few months to find a balance that will be very beneficial after the arrival of the baby.

So, do not brush your body with drastic diets and know how to respect its needs: weight loss will be smooth, in accordance with your body, your habits, your lifestyle.

Lose Weight After a Pregnancy, Gently

The fatigue of the past pregnancy, do not take advantage to impose an iron discipline to your body: it needs to recover, and your nutritional needs remain important, especially if you are breastfeeding, or if you have had a pregnancy Or delivery. First you have to recognize the right time to start losing the extra pounds accumulated during pregnancy.

Caring for a baby requires a lot of energy: with an adequate and well balanced diet, you will lose weight without dieting that will only exhaust you and lead you to inevitably regrow thereafter. Listen to your feelings of hunger and satiety without neglecting them, and respect your needs.

If you do not throw yourself into a high-level sport, regain regular physical activity. This will be even easier if you already had an activity before and during pregnancy. If your pregnancy has kept you in bed for too long or you are not already very athletic, move smoothly through sports like yoga, walking, swimming.

You may not be able to set aside time to practice your favorite sport several times a week: move with your baby! The walks will be great moments of relaxation for you and discovery for him. At home, when you have a little time, follow this steps: Using small, easy-to-practice exercises and personalized follow-up, the recovery will be smooth and your progress will be made Quickly feel.