How to Melt Abdominal Fat?

Do you want to get rid of this unsightly fat on your stomach?
Discover what abdominal fat is, what are the factors that help it to develop and especially how to get rid of it.

What are the causes of a round belly?

Understand the origin of the problem

Before considering losing weight, it is important to understand why you are getting belly fat. There are 5 main reasons for this weight gain.

Your family heritage

You may have a genetic predisposition, and if your parents tend to be overweight, you run the risk of having too.

Your metabolism

With aging, also comes the slowing down of the metabolism, which promotes the storage of fat, especially around the abdominal wall.

The digestion

Poor digestion leads, in addition to bloating and gas, the installation of abdominal fat.

The stress

Stress causes the release of cortisol in the body, which, by its action, participates in the increase of abdominal fat.

How to lose belly fat quickly?

We have seen that the appearance of abdominal fat can have several causes. Starting a draconian diet or putting yourself in endless sessions of abs will not necessarily give you the expected results. To reach your goal, here are the 4 axes to work on.


Stress is negative for our body, because of the release of cortisol, but it is also for our eating behavior. The “emotional weight” appear when, to compensate for a negative feeling, we eat anything (and especially richer and sweeter foods) at any time.Managing stress is therefore essential if you have decided to lose weight.

Healthy eating

It is not necessary to eliminate all fats to hope to lose belly. You simply need to reduce your carbohydrate intake, and increase those in protein. Oats will be an important ally to achieve your goals: high in fiber, which promotes intestinal transit, and particularly in beta-glucan, which has very beneficial effects on the metabolism of fats and sugar.

Body care

Many treatments are particularly suitable for losing belly quickly, massage, palpate roll, cryolipolysis … The most important is to have a routine and to stick to it. Massage morning and night to be certain to get results. The little extra: use essential oils of grapefruit and cypress, for their draining, anti-cellulite and lipolytic properties.

Sports activity

Choosing adapted exercises is important for losing belly fat. It is not enough to work his abdominals to see the abdominal fat disappear as if by magic. The best way to do this is to exercise regularly and focus on endurance activities such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling, in order to solicit aerobic metabolism.

How to lose belly through relaxation?

Relaxation plays a vital role in the process of losing weight in the stomach. Good mental preparation and unshakable self-confidence are essential to overcoming your unwanted pounds.

What is sophrology?

Created in the 60s by a Colombian neuropsychologist, sophrology is a relaxation technique that mixes other methods like yoga and Japanese zen. It combines contraction exercises and relaxation of muscles, and positive visualization sessions. It is a real work of the mind and the conscience.

The sophrology allows to meet different objectives: to lose weight and to succeed a diet, to better manage the stress, to prepare mentally for a competition, an examination, to manage the pain for the people with chronic diseases, and even preparation for the childbirth.

How to evacuate stress with sophrology?

Here are 2 exercises to help you get calm and release the pressure.

Relieve stress with a full breathing exercise

  • Inspire by swelling the belly as much as possible, then open the rib cage.
  • Exhale slowly while trying to blow as long as possible.
  • Exercise to repeat several times.

Untie and release belly tensions

  • Stand up.
  • Blow to the point where you have drained all the air from your lungs.
  • Lean forward with your hands on your knees, block the air in the lungs, contract your stomach with movements back and forth with the abdomen.
  • Resume breathing after 2 or 3 contractions.
  • Exercise to achieve at home to facilitate digestion.

How to regain satiety thanks to sophrology?

Bad eating habits often lead to overweight problems. For that, the sophrology will help the person to correct the way of eating, and to find the feeling of satiety. To achieve this, one must be aware of the foods that one is eating. By dint of eating in front of the TV without thinking, we often forget what is on our plate.

Through visualization exercises, it is easy to relearn how to savor each food, its texture, its aromas, etc. Your brain will understand more quickly than you have eaten enough, and you will feel faster filled.

The goal is to find a healthy relationship to food, and for that, to learn to become aware of the act of eating.

  • Choose a food of your choice, a bar of chocolate for example.
  • Imagine the opening of the packaging, observe its color, smell its smell, soak up the aroma of chocolate, and listen to the sound of the tablet that breaks into small pieces.

Thanks to the imagination solicited by this simple exercise, the awareness of the act of eating makes it possible to be more quickly satiated.

What diet to lose belly?

Better food management is one of the keys to losing belly fat and inches of waist. There are dozens of so-called miracle diets that promise you spectacular weight loss, but you know the yoyo effect that is often associated with them. In addition, frustrations related to the lack of certain products that you have removed from your diet may cause you to crack before the end of the diet.

It is better to focus on changing your eating habits in the long term, so that your results are the same.

The increase in waist circumference is explained by two major reasons: a problem of intestinal transit, and a storage of fat in the abdominal belt.

Here are some tips to make some changes in your menus without changing everything.

How to improve your transit to find a flat stomach?

The first thing to do to lose belly, is to find a better intestinal transit . If you have trouble digesting, you may be subject to bloating and constipation, which will swell your abdomen, even if you tend to be slender.

Here are our tips to improve your transit:

  • Abuse foods high in fiber : fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, legumes …
  • Opt for cooked vegetables , which are much easier to digest. Raw vegetables often cause bloating.
  • Drink plenty of water , at least 1.5 liters a day, as well as tea or infusions between meals.
  • Avoid aerated waters , which one, inflate the stomach, and two, are too rich in sodium that promotes water retention. Prefer mineral waters, which contain magnesium, natural laxative.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well , to properly prepare the digestive process.

What eating habits to lose belly?

The belly is an area very sensitive to fat storage. The only way to eliminate love handles and bulges is to limit caloric intake with a balanced diet of quality. Here are our tips:

  • Prefer foods that are low in calories but have high nutritional values(zucchini, peppers, radish, cucumber, apple, lemon, pineapple, melon, tuna, chicken, shrimp, yoghurt …).
  • Consume starchy foods at each meal, in small amounts.
  • Eat light at dinner.
  • Stop nibbling between meals, drink a big glass of water or a cup of tea instead.
  • Before the meal, do not hesitate to eat an apple for its hunger-suppressing effect.
  • Avoid bad fats : cheese, butter, fresh cream, fat sauces, cold meats, fries …
  • Limit sugar : cakes and pastries.
  • Avoid sugary or alcoholic drinks.

What care to lose belly?

Losing belly with the palpate roll?

The palpate roll is a massage technique indicated to fight against cellulite, which does not treat weight problems but will help eliminate fat . This technique aims to help lipolysis (fat removal by fat cells) and to activate the blood and lymphatic circulation, by kneading the skin and subcutaneous tissues. It is a massage that can be done by hand, or with the help of a machine.

In the manual version, it is necessary to make a series of pinches of the skin, to form folds, and roll them from the bottom to the top . This allows to soften the tissues and to activate the circulation. Do not worry if you feel pain, this is normal, you may even see small hematomas appear after a session.

In the version with a machine, the device exerts aspirations that cause folds that are then rolled. This allows better oxygenation of the cells , relaxation of the connective tissue and evacuation of toxins.

How to lose belly with endermologie®?

Endermologie ® is a high – tech draining massage technique, patented by LPG ®, in which a device (the Cellu M6 ®) performs a massage reproducing a rolling palpate, coupled with a suction system.

Thanks to this massage and this controlled suction, it is possible to act on the skin, and especially on the accumulation of fat , responsible for cellulite.

The intensity of massage and aspiration is controlled by the practitioner according to the area treated and the type of cellulite. It can be fat cellulite that is localized and soft, or fibrous cellulite , which is hard and painful.

As sessions progress, the fat cells eventually fall out of their place and thus make the cellulite less visible.

Endermologie® is very effective on well-localized cellulite and tends to remain despite good food hygiene and sports practice.

How to lose belly through electrostimulation?

If you still have in mind the image of the tele-shopping electrodes of the 1990s, you can forget. The devices have evolved a lot for more efficiency.

This technique can be practiced at home, but also in gyms, and places specialized in electrostimulation.

The principle of this technology is to place electrodes on the skin where you want to work, and to send small electrical impulses to force the muscle to contract .

Thus, the silhouette is redrawn , and if you perform parallel sessions of rolling palpate or endermologie, and you manage correctly your diet, you will see nice results.

Thanks to the electrostimulation belts, you can lose a few centimeters and kg in a few weeks while sculpting your little belly.

What sports activities to lose belly?

Losing belly in the long run through endurance sports?

To lose weight, bet on a sport that burns calories .

The simplest sport to incorporate into your weekly routine is walking. You can easily get off the bus or metro a few stops before the one near your office, you will quickly reach 30 minutes of walking daily. And on the weekends, planwalks in the forest to relax .

If you have more courage and physical fitness, try jogging that works stamina, and draws in fat reserves. One to two 45-minute sessions a week will make you lose weight fast.

Finally, swimming is also a good way to tone the whole body, and can target particularly the abdominals.

High intensity workouts to lose belly fat?

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is an intense training that allows you to push your limits . Its phases of acceleration and deceleration that burn a maximum of calories. Many sports allow this type of training.

Combat sport sessions include a lot of training with equipment such as the rower , the stepper , etc., and are a good way to contract the lower body and shaping your body. A good way to firm up your shape. You can try different types of boxing , judo and other martial arts. To progress, practice once or twice a week minimum.

And if you love cycling in nature, do not deprive yourself, it is a sport that requires a lot of endurance, and which can draw on your fat reserves. A 2-hour walk a week will already be a good start. And increase the difficulty as and when your sessions.

Gentle techniques to lose belly?

For those who are less athletic and want to regain flexibility can turn to soft techniques.

Pilates and yoga make the breathing work and allow to work the deep muscles. Strengthen your abdominal belt effectively and in the long term with these techniques.

There are also other sports, more fun, that will strengthen you muscular without you thinking: dance, gymnastics, zumba. Do these activities at least twice a week to experience all the benefits.

Finally, some activities like paddle can allow you to continue your training even on holidays.