How To Muscle Up Your Chest?

Having well-muscled chest makes the charm of men who do sport. When they are well developed, they put you forward by giving volume to your torso. They reveal you as a strong and powerful man. Discover in this article some exercises to build your chest muscles.

The barbell bench press

It is the basic exercise in bodybuilding to develop your pecs. The bench press allows you to make rock pectorals. It is very popular in gyms. However, it requires technique.

The dumbbell bench press

It is done while lying on a flat bench with the dumbbells. Staying in this position allows you to contract the muscles better and they stretch more. Movement is more natural with this exercise.

The seated machine press

It is also called seated chest press. It presents itself as an alternative to the barbell and dumbbell bench press. The advantage with this exercise is that it is secure and allows you to do heavy work. It does not tire the joints and the back too much and allows for more natural movements than with the barbell.

The dumbbell chest fly

With this exercise, you can build muscle in the middle of your pecs. The recumbent stretch is done on a flat bench and is an isolation weight training exercise. It could be placed at the end of the exercises to strengthen your pectoral muscles.

The pull-down

This strength training exercise isolates the pectorals . In practice, you will use a machine with two high pulleys which will be connected to your handles. The pulleys opposite practically do not involve your triceps. We do not recommend it for beginners because they must first prefer exercises that will allow them to have a solid and strong base.

The incline dumbbell bench press

This exercise will allow you to work the upper part of your pectoral muscles which are often not developed in many practitioners. With the tilted position, you will better balance your chest. The use of dumbbells allows you to have a more natural position than with the barbell. You will also be able to bring your muscles closer.

The decline bench press

This exercise will allow you to shape your lower chest. It is done with a barbell or with dumbbells. It will allow you to strengthen your muscles. This exercise requires practice in order to be mastered.

The Dips

Also called repulsion on parallel bars , Dips are strength training exercises that make you work the bust as a whole. They are very effective in building your muscles well. They may seem difficult at first, but you can start with two benches and then do them with the parallel bars. If you want to add difficulty to this exercise, hang a ballast around your waist.

The converging chest press

This exercise is done with a machine that allows you to improve the inner part and the upper part of your pecs. You can use it to make up for the delay that Dips and bench presses would have caused. It allows you to develop the load above the chest by performing arc movements.