Lose Weight Naturally in 7 Tips

Lose Weight Naturally in 7 Tips

Losing weight naturally is a great way to lose weight without repeating the double after weeks of hardship.More, it’s good for my health! The journey of a former “addicted to the diets” who took the side of slimming intelligently and in all serenity.

Lose Weight Naturally in 7 Tips

What if the solution was not to go on a diet?

It’s been a year since I’ve been desperately trying to lose weight. High protein diets, hypocaloric, dissociated, with meal substitutes, fruit, cabbage, I tried everything! And every time I “re-plunged”.

I send a great kick to diktats of thinness and I change my way of life. It is the best way to act effectively on my roundness and my morale. Because there are many ways to lose weight naturally without getting out the tank! It just needs a bit of common sense and some easy to follow tips. It’s decided. I put myself there.

I listen to my body

Rather than listen to the wailing from my neighbor who is counting the calories to eliminate the 14 pounds she took during her last pregnancy. It is in its third regime. Without success. Deprivation and weight loss do not mix…

I choose the pleasure of eating. But,¬†only when I’m hungry. Everything is allowed me if I allow my stomach time to claim its due. I sit at the table, calmly, I focus on what I have on my plate and I “tastes”. I chew, again and again, and I put my fork and my knife after each bite. It’s radical. On the one hand, I do good to my body and on the other hand, I am more satisfied.

I hydrate

Green tea, mineral water, herbal teas, everything that can allow me to eliminate toxins. In small sips, throughout the day. But I do not let fall the glass of “Bordeaux” very nice that I offer myself from time to time, with my friends, evenings party!

I make my market

No more “ready-to-eat” trays that I bought at the convenience store of the corner when I was still in the mode “I do not care my weight and my health”, of a doubtful taste and which are just a means of ” Fill up at the pump “without the slightest pleasure of taste. That was before.

Today, on some days, for the pleasure, I take the time to choose my vegetables of fresh season in the small producers and … I cook! For nothing better than to make good dishes from home with ingredients that give good looks and do good to my body, the thousand and one ways of preparing my food are going to delight me. Olive oil, spices, broths, I never get tired of embellishing my recipes with new and beneficial flavors.

I eat what I like

But also, instead of forbidding me foods with high energy density, that is to say fat and sweet, I re-learn to eat them. With hunger, calm, taking advantage of every bite.

Instead of feeling guilty, I give myself a real moment to eat that lightning or those chips that tempted me for so long. Then, stopped by mouthful, I savor them, I rediscover them, and magic of tasting: I eat much less by taking much more fun!

I eat to please myself, but not only

No forbidden food, either. But nothing prevents me from eating to do me good: I opt for brown rice instead of white and whole grain cereal pasta that help me regulate my intestinal transit and protect me from cardiovascular diseases.

The same is true for bread: there is a multitude of appetizing breads, rich in fiber, delicious and satisfying: quinoa, buckwheat, oat bran, spelled, etc., the list is not exhaustive.

I vary the pleasures by nourishing myself healthily! I do not spit on sugar, white or red, better than sugar. But as I soon realize, when I eat, my consumption remains very modest, and I lose weight without frustration.

I remain serene…

… and enthusiastic! Because, it is well known, positive emotions generate the production of hormones such as serotonin, endorphin and dopamine, boosters of well-being and fullness. Clearly, if I stress and I feel guilty every time I start a piece of pie trop√©zienne, I store.

On the other hand, if I have pleasure in enjoying it, I have more pleasure with lesser quantities, I do not overmayer because of my guilt, my body does not make resistance and this food naturally finds its place in My overall diet, without gaining weight or preventing me from losing it! Tasting to lose weight is therefore possible, working on the taste.


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