Make You a Swimmer’s Body in 15 Minutes

Make You a Swimmer’s Body in 15 Minutes

You do not necessarily need a dolphin’s DNA to be carved for water.

Here are some exercises to build a swimmer’s body in 15 minutes.

Exercise 1: 4-Legged Walk (2 min)


Stand in a quadruped position with your hands on the dumbbells on the ground. Ramp forward while lifting both weights. This very simple movement can burn fat and draw abs. Perform 3 sets of 30 seconds.

Exercise 2: Dumbbell Crunch (3.5 min)

This exercise makes the shoulders and abs work simultaneously. Lie on a swiss ball, dumbbells at the hips. Push the weights over your head, arms extended, while raising the bust. Stabilize your body on the return in order to intensify the expenditure of calories. Perform 3 sets of 25 repetitions.

Exercise 3: Swimmer’s Traction (2.5 min)

Attach a resistance band to a fixed point in front of you. Bend down and pull the band towards you, elbows bent to simulate the movement of the crawl. Ideal for square shoulders. Perform 3 sets of 14 repetitions.

Exercise 4: Renegade Push up (2 min)

Sit in the pump position with your hands on the dumbbells on the ground. After each push up, pull the dumbbell alternately on both sides to target the chest and back. An exercise that can quickly expand the torso. Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Exercise 5: Dumbbell Swing (2 min)

Bend your knees and hold a dumbbell between your legs. Throw it over your head by pushing the pelvis forward. This exercise should work your glutes, do not let the arms do all the work. Excellent for deep fat burning. Make 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Exercise 6: Dumbbell Jump squat (3 min)

With dumbbells in hand, bend your knees until the weights hit the ground, then jump, bringing your arms over your head.
An exercise that burns calories while strengthening the shoulders. Make 3 sets of 16 repetitions.

It’s time ! Your 15 minutes are over.