Walking and Brisk Walking for a Flat Stomach

Walking is our natural means of locomotion, so we walk all day, without it being an effort or a sporting activity since it is a completely natural and uncomputed action. However, we will try to show you that by walking more often and longer, you will be able to lose weight. It is a quiet and relaxing activity, so for young people it may be hard to imagine that it would be as effective as a good fitness session and that it is reserved for older characters. Well no, walking is indeed a sport that will allow you to lose weight and eliminate fat quickly when you impose a pace and frequency adapted.

The benefits of walking to lose belly

Walking is obviously not the sport of choice to lose weight and burn calories quickly, but regular and moderate practice will be very beneficial to your body and your line. All this is done without you realizing that you make an effort, you can for example go walking with family or friends.

Walking is a quiet sport, you can increase the pace and change the circuit to accentuate the difficulty, but basic is a sport that does not require much effort, so you can easily walk around your neighborhood, in a park near you, walking at your own pace and eliminate without realizing it . The big advantage of walking is that you will be able to practice as much as you want, whenever and wherever you want. In fact, apart from the weather, there is no constraint and you can exercise this activity as you wish and without it costing you anything.

You will not need any special equipment, just bring comfortable shoes.

Walking will allow you to burn calories and thus lose weight, in this you will also lose belly automatically. You burn an average of 125 calories by traveling between 2 kilometers and 2.5 kilometers in about 30 minutes. You will burn fat without stressing your body because walking is a gentle activity. By avoiding stressing your body, you will also play on your feeling of hunger. Indeed, after the sport it is normal to have important impulses related to the hunger, and after the walk, you will not have to face this, thus no sugar consumed and it is the loss of weight assured.

In addition, walking can be very beneficial for your body since it will allow you to reduce the risk of stroke and various diseases of the heart. It will also allow you to lower your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol level. Increasing bone density through walking will also help prevent osteoporosis.

Walking is a great way to relieve your back pain, joint problems, while losing belly fat and eliminating fat. Like all sports, practicing walking will trigger secretions of endorphins that are well-being hormones, so it’s also very good for morale.

Walking and brisk walking to burn calories

In order to give you a more or less precise idea of ​​what can bring you the march, we will present you some figures that could well convince you that it is a real sport which can represent a very important asset in your loss of weight.

Assuming that someone decides to walk 20 minutes more than usual at a normal pace that is about 5 km / h, that means he will spend 100 calories in addition to usual since it eliminates on average 5 calories per minute of walking . Over a year, this represents 36,500 calories, this is the proof that walking is not only “for the old”, that it is not only a Sunday sport, it can be a real ally in your fight against fat and pounds.

Although this calculation is based solely on theoretical data, it may be a good indicator of what gait actually entails. In addition, it should not be forgotten that this is an activity that does not trigger cravings after a session, so the calories are really eliminated, you will not lose the benefits of the sport because of the snack that will follow.

If you do not want to take your rest time to walk or find that you do not spend enough time walking, know that there are some small tips that will allow you to increase your daily walking time so you can lose weight faster and have a flat stomach.

When you are on the phone for example, take advantage of this time to move, walk, even go round in circles in your apartment, house or garden. Off the top of the page, it’s 10, 15, 30 minutes of walking without you even knowing it. 

Also, when you have to go for a small race, pick up your children at school etc., if the distances are less than 200 meters, walk. Finally, it will not take you longer than starting the car, getting around and parking it on the spot, and it will make you easily gain 5 minutes of walking a day without it handicaps you or upsets all your schedule.

Similarly, it is advisable to go for a walk in 5 and 10 minutes after lunch and dinner, this will allow you to eliminate but it will also promote digestion. 

If you add a duration of a call, a small race in the day and two walks after the meal, you can easily walk up to 30 minutes more in a day thanks to small tricks that you can integrate easily in your little daily habits.

Walking: gentle activity open to all for a flat stomach

Even if walking is a gentle activity, be aware that it is advisable to start slowly and evolve at your own pace depending on your physical condition. Remember, it is important to breathe and stand up straight so you do not have back problems.

Little extra tip, you can enjoy your ballads to work your abs through breathing exercises.

In addition, walking is a very enjoyable activity, it’s very good for the morale to walk, to clear the mind, you will be able to discover your city, your neighborhood, the forest behind your home as you do not. could never have done it without going on a walk. Walking is very effective in eliminating stress because first of all you do nothing of the sport, and you will secrete endorphins, but also cross the world, change the scenery, so it is a very beneficial activity to lose weight, it also allows you to take care of your body as well as your mind.