Your Partner Can Benefit From your Weight Loss

Your Partner Can Benefit From your Weight Loss

If you start a diet, your partner can also benefit. These changes to a healthy lifestyle can also be beneficial for your partner

When you commit to a healthier lifestyle and start losing weight, there are many benefits to your personal health. But a recent study from the University of Connecticut found that sticking to your lifestyle changes can also be beneficial for your partner.

In the study, researchers used a random, controlled model to track couples’ progress in weight loss, while only one member of the couple was on a weight loss program. They found that when the participant who was following the scheme was successful, his partner too. They assessed couples after three and six months, and about one-third of partners who were not actively participating in a weight loss program had lost more than 3% of their initial body weight at the end of the study.

The researchers divided the couples into two groups: one of them, in which one of the couple members followed a structured plan and received Weight Watchers advice, which funded the study; and the other, in which a member of the couple received a four-page booklet on healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss strategies, and had no personal advice. In both groups, the couple who did not receive an intervention also experienced weight loss.

When someone changes their behavior, the people around them change, says Amy Gorin, author of the university press release. Whether the patient is working with a health professional, joining a lifestyle community, or trying to lose weight on their own, their new healthy behaviors can benefit others. The study refers to it as a “ripple effect” that can have both positive and negative effects. Although it helps when the partner wants to actively lose weight, it can also be painful when the partner has been struggling for a while to lose weight, the study found.

So the next time you want to throw your diet plan or exercise program out the window because weight loss is difficult, think of your partner. Even though they did not notice it, you probably helped them lose weight.